Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale - Returns and refunds are done on a case by case basis, please contact us through the contact us page to ask for a return / refund. Please note that we have a 14 day from date of order refund / return policy. There are no warranties, refunds or returns offered after this point in time. For faulty products a refund is only given if the product is found to be faulty on inspection. If no fault is found on inspection the costs of inspection ($18.50 in Australia and outside Australia is up to the manufacturer) and all shipping is charged to the buyer.

To engage a return the buyer must make contact with us within our 14 day return and refund policy through our contact us page only, do not use facebook, phone, our paypal email or any other means of contacting us about a refund or return, we will not respond. After making contact with us about a return / refund and if a return / refund is agreed to the product must be returned within 7 working days from the date of making contact. All products returned must be clean and hygienic and in the original packaging or a refund will not be granted.

There maybe $12 restocking fee per item that is to be returned, or our cost price of the item depending on the circumstances, this is to cover our administration time or replacement of the stock you returned. We do not accept refunds or returns for; cancellations, if you didn't read the description properly, change of mind orders, if you found it cheaper somewhere else or your personal circumstances so make sure you want the products before you order them. Once an order has been made by you (the buyer) and shipping has been paid for by us (the seller) all products you ordered plus the cost of shipping are deemed to be your personal property and engaged service, so if the order is lost in the post because you did not provide a correct address or you did not pick your order up from the post office or were not available to receive your order the whole loss of the order is your responsibility to bare not ours. We will always try to assist you with order issues but it is not our responsibility to collect or chase or pursue lost in the post orders when the fault is on the buyers side. It is wholly the responsibility of the buyer to insure an order for damage and or lost in transit as an order is deemed to be your personal property once it is dispatched buy us.

If you would like us to insure an order for loss or damage please contact us immediately after placing an order (extra fee applies). All products sold buy us on the Bondage Australia website or any other website or third party website are sold as novelty items only, what you do with them after purchase is wholly up to you and by placing and order with us you wholly agree to accept all legal and financial responsibility with what you and or any other third party do with any products you buy from us. You also agree to wave any legal or financial responsibility to us because of what you have used them for. When you check out you have to tick an 'agree to these terms and conditions button/checkbox' or you can not check out, by clicking this button/checkbox and continuing to place an order with us you are acknowledging that you wholly and fully agree to these Terms and Conditions of Sale and agree to forfeit any third party payment gateway, or financial service providers policies, agreements or charge backs arrangements that you (the buyer) and us (the seller) may have prior agreed to before purchase and purely agree to use our (the seller's) Terms and Conditions of Sale only and in all forms. You also agree that we may without notice update our terms and conditions without notice at any point in time. Our products are only for sale to persons of the age 18 years old or older by purchasing from us you agree that you are of or above the age of 18 years old.