Leather Diaper Harness - Pink

Leather Diaper Harness, The perfect bondage harness for your naughty nappied Adult Baby! Bring your Adult Baby Fetish to life With Bondage Australia!
The perfect bondage harness for your naughty napped Adult Baby! The diaper harness is made in beautiful soft leather and features a wide adjustable waist band that has slits in the strap that slip onto D rings and then padlocked so it stays put. (you can also order with Lockable Buckles instead! Contact us for this option) The wide shape base fits comfortably between the little ones legs and over the diaper to keep the diaper in firmly where it should be until the adult is ready to release you. Attached to the base of the harness are large jingle bells so little one can be heard. One size fits Most, Additional Colour Options Available Please Email us to Back order!!
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