Hi and welcome to the Bondage Australia FAQ page.

We quite often get asked lots of questions regularly, so we have put some of the more regular questions together on this page to help you out.


Are my products sent to me discreetly?

We use standard Australia Post plain satchels otherwise plain cardboard boxes or packaging.

The from address will say from Paul not Bondage Australia.

What will it say on my credit card or paypal account? 

Some of this depends on your financial institution but most customers get 'payment by authority paypal' payments are made to an account under the name of bdsm distributors not Bondage Australia.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, but returns are done on a case by case basis please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale page for full details. 

Do you send to P.O Box’s and parcel lockers?

Yes, we do a lot of our customers send to P.O Boxes and parcel lockers. 

Can I visit the shop?

We are currently online only so no sorry, we are in Adelaide SA, Adelaide is a small city with a small population and we have found being online gives us a larger audience of people rather than joining the crowd of local sexshops. But with an ever-growing local following who knows maybe we change our minds.  

How long will it take to get my order? 

Australia Post picks up from us three to four times a week, from there your order will be dispatched from the Adelaide suburbs to your location. Australia Post will send you updates as your order gets closer to you. You can check online Australia Post's regular parcel delivery service times from 5000 to your location. Most orders are received with in within 9 days of ordering Australia wide but as we all know Australia Post can be a little random in delivery timings. If you require a tracking number, please email us with your order details using our contact form. Please be patient teleporters don’t exist yet and harassing us does not make Australia Post work faster. 


Do you ship outside of Australia?

We ship to a lot of different countries, but the $200 free shipping policy does not apply to international orders it’s for Australia only. If you can select your country at checkout then we will ship to you, for other destinations please use the contact form and ask us to add your country. All international shipping is a signature on delivery service. 

Do you sell wholesale?

We will soon be offering some of our range wholesale but only to verified B2B only or eBay and amazon sellers.

If you would like to open talk to us about wholesale, please use our contact form to get more details. 

Do you share my information?

No, we do not unless we are forced to by a by a government authority and we would notify you if we had to do this.

Do you accept other currency's?

The websites payment gateway will always make you check out in Australian Dollars, but you can use the currency converter button to work out how much your order is if you use another currency.

I can’t see my order in my account

The site takes quick orders (no account needed) if you have an account but did not login to it before placing an order you will not be able to see it. There is nothing we can do about this after it has been done sorry but don't worry your order is still on the way. 

Do you accept cancelations?

Once shipping has been paid for by us orders cannot be candled please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for full details. 

I make or have a BDSM or fetish product I want to sell will you put it in your shop?

We get on average about 9 to 10 people contact us a week about distributing a product for them. Before you contact us please ask yourself these questions and put it in your offer. 


1. Is your product market ready? Do you have images we can use, do you have proper descriptions, do you have packaging?

2. General information about your business?

3. How do you receive payments?

4. What are your commissions, distributor, wholesale and retail prices?

5. Are your prices realistic (we need to make money too)?

6.What is your return policy?

Where do your products come from?

Every ware, we have a long list of suppliers global last time we checked there was over 60 of them.