CB6000S Shorter Version - BLACK

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You've found it! The incredibly popular innovative Male Chastity Device that offers the ultimate in comfort and security. This is the Shorter version in Black
The CB6000S is the shorter version of our very popular CB6000 Male Chastity Device in BLACK. If you haven't yet tried CBT or Male Chastity play then this is a good device to start your chastity play. While the assembly is kind of like putting together a puzzle with its interconnected pieces, the new flat design is provides for an extremely comfortable and secure fit. The device is made from a tough poly carbonate the lightweight, durable cage portion allows for natural air drying and hygiene with its built in slots. For those of you who travel, you can substitute the metal padlock with numbered plastic locks to avoid any potential embarrassment when going through airport security. And although we can't recommend it, if humiliation is your thing then you could try leaving the metal padlock in place and watch your man squirm with anxiety and embarrassment as he sets off the metal detectors and has to explain what it is that set the alarm beeping. Your new CB6000S will come with: black poly carbonate cage sized 60mm long, 5 different rings sized on the internal diameter 35mm, 38mm, 42mm, 46mm and 49mm. 4 spacers, 4 locking pins, a brass padlock, 5 individually numbered plastic locks and instructions for use.
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